Wednesday, October 28, 2009

She is here...

Lucey Blue arrived in Australia on Sunday night!

She is currently located somewhere in Port Bundaberg, probably at the Bundaberg Cruising Yacht Club:

We are trying to sort out where she can be lifted out of the water for a Marine Survey...but being 22ft wide, this is not a simple task. She may have to be sailed a bit further south, towards Brisbane, to find a slipway that can handle her.

I'll keep you updated!


ETA: The Marine Survey is going to happen on Saturday (31st October) in Bundaberg, and we are going to get her anti-fouled at the same time. She is going to come out of the water by sitting on her keels on a concrete pad as the tide goes out, like this:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Deposit PAID!

It was a bit of a drama, and involved the Man toting large wads of cash through the streets of Canberra in a manilla envelope (wish I had a picture), but on Friday we paid the deposit on Lucey Blue. There is no turning back now...not unless the marine survey finds her unseaworthy/unsound...which it won't!

Lucey Blue is expected into Bundaberg it is not very much longer until we will be seeing her in Sydney Harbour (around the end of November)...WOOHOO!!!!!

Lucey Blue - from up mast

Lucey Blue from bow

Lucey Blue galley

Have a great weekend,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Things are still moving along...

Well, we are finally about to sign the contract for the purchase of Lucey things are getting considerably more exciting in this neck of the woods.

Lucey Blue and her owners are currently in New Caledonia, and are joining in the Port2Port Rally....arriving in Bundaberg some time between the 26th and 28th October.

We may be going up to Bundy, to be there while the Marine Survey is carried out, and also to get her anti-fouled (as she will be up on the slips anyway). So if that comes about it will be a fun little jaunt. Fingers crossed!!

In the mean time I thought I'd load some more pictures here...I find it helps keep the excitement going strong :-):

Lucey Blue - Starboard side stern

 Lucey Blue - Port side stern

Lucey Blue - Cockpit

Lucey Blue - Anchor lockers

Lucey Blue - Saloon
(I love this me it looks like it is from a sales catalogue, with the caption:
'You too could be this happy in the saloon of your new Lagoon!')

Back another time with some more pics...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A new blog, an exciting adventure...

Even though this blog isn't live yet, and the deal isn't done...I wanted to start putting down some of the story, because it is very exciting...and I just HAVE to tell someone.

We are going to buy a boat, a catamaran...well, that is the plan at any rate. She is a Lagoon 42 TPI - Jeanneau to be precise, and her name is Lucey Blue. She is currently sailing the crystal clear waters of Fiji, but will be in Australia by the end of the year.

Lucey Blue on the marina at
Musket Cove, Malololailai, Fiji

Lucey Blue was built in 1992 by Tillotson-Pearson Inc. (T.P.I.) - of Warren, Rhode Island, USA subcontracting for Jeanneau-Lagoon Catamarans of France.

She has two queen berths aft, two double berths forward, two heads/showers, a galley in the port hull, a spacious saloon, a covered cockpit with large folding table and two big trampolines at the bow.

Line drawing of Lagoon 42

Layout of Lagoon 42

Lucey Blue's covered cockpit and table

Lucey Blue's saloon and Miss 5

Lucey Blue's trampoline and adornments ;-)...

We have just spent a week in Fiji ourselves, including three fun days meeting Lucey Blue and her family of owners (Buc, Ina, Simon and Amanda) at the Musket Cove Resort on idyllic Malololailai.

Lucey Blue is a lovely, comfortable boat and I can hardly wait for the deal to be done. Bring on December!!