Sunday, October 18, 2009

Things are still moving along...

Well, we are finally about to sign the contract for the purchase of Lucey things are getting considerably more exciting in this neck of the woods.

Lucey Blue and her owners are currently in New Caledonia, and are joining in the Port2Port Rally....arriving in Bundaberg some time between the 26th and 28th October.

We may be going up to Bundy, to be there while the Marine Survey is carried out, and also to get her anti-fouled (as she will be up on the slips anyway). So if that comes about it will be a fun little jaunt. Fingers crossed!!

In the mean time I thought I'd load some more pictures here...I find it helps keep the excitement going strong :-):

Lucey Blue - Starboard side stern

 Lucey Blue - Port side stern

Lucey Blue - Cockpit

Lucey Blue - Anchor lockers

Lucey Blue - Saloon
(I love this me it looks like it is from a sales catalogue, with the caption:
'You too could be this happy in the saloon of your new Lagoon!')

Back another time with some more pics...

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