Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bundy Day Trip

Yesterday (31st October 2009), Nick got up at stupid o'clock and flew up to  Bundaberg to be there when Lucey Blue came out on the slips for her Marine Survey, and antifouling. It was a long way to go for a day trip, but we decided that it would be a worthwhile exercise...wish I could have gone too!

He managed to get some nice shots of her while she was out:

Lucey Blue - on the slip at Bundaberg Slipways and Midtown Brokerage, Bundaberg 

Lucey Blue - antifouling in progress

Lucey Blue - from across the Burnett River

Lucey Blue - port side

Lucey Blue - starboard keel

Lucey Blue - propeller and rudder 

One of the pretty locals!


He went for a walk around the yard up there and stumbled across the cat Ushuaia (shown above), out of the water. She is also a Lagoon 42 TPI. Apparently there were only 50 of them ever made, so it seems pretty unusual to find two of them at the same place in the world, on the same day!

We have been to Ushuaia too, it is a town in Patagonia on the Beagle Channel at the very southern end of Argentina (el fin del mundo), one of the last places to stock up before you head off to the Antarctic Peninsula. It is a very beautiful area.
BTW...The surveyor said that Lucey Blue is it is all systems go as far as the purchase is concerned :-).

Ciao ciao,

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