Friday, September 10, 2010

Buddha - Fun at Woolwich Dockyard and Clarkes Point Reserve Sydney

While Nick worked on the boat Emily Ryan and I had fun meeting the locals and exploring the beautiful parks around the Woolwich Dock area. One of our favorite pastimes – well the kids' absolute favorite – was playing with Buddha the local shipyard dog.

Emily and Ryan loved watching the boats come and go in the yard, but ultimately they loved watching Buddha chase the ball even more.

We played with Buddha at the yard and in the local parks and if the kids had their way we would still be there today……..

One of our favorite spots with Buddha was Clarkes Point Reserve. The park is a fantastic place to have a picnic with spectacular views of the city and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s even better when you have an energetic young pup and two kids fired up to play.

Emily and Ryan had a blast and after finally losing all the balls and finishing our supplies of French bread and cheese it was time to head home for dinner and a well earned rest.

Gary (Noakes Senior Shipwright) and Nikki (Buddha’s lovely owner) really made us feel at home at Woolwich. What an amazing place to spend a few weeks tinkering on the boat and playing with the kids. Thanks guys…..

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