Friday, March 18, 2011

Counting down and lounging on the lido deck...

We spent last weekend up in Sydney on Lucey Blue. The weekend didn't go quite as we had planned, due to Ryan having a nasty chest infection, but the lovely warm weather up there (as opposed to the icky cold weather in Canberra) was a very welcome change.

While we were there I got to thinking about how it is not very long at all until we depart. The kids finish first term at school on the 15th April - which is only four weeks away!!!!! We then madly pack up the house, and hope to be fully installed on Lucey Blue by the beginning of May. I have guesstimated a departure date of 15th May...and set up a countdown in the right-hand sidebar. ONLY 58 DAYS TO GO. At least it feels a little more real now.

We still have a mountain of things to do...and Nick is running around with no fewer than 6 balls in the air at any one time....

Attractive shade curtains no? Stay tuned for more about what's going on here!

Bet you can't work out what he is up to in this one. If he has to bring the boat home to Canberra in bits to get the job done...he will!!!!!

I am busy studying (generally while feeding the first class passenger ;-) for my Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency (MROCP). I don't have any photos of me pulling my hair out to show you, HOWEVER, I do know that if you want to connect your batteries in series you need to connect the positive terminal of one cell to the negative terminal of the other (this tidbit of info gives me recurring nightmares about first year university physics...something I thought I'd buried long ago ;-).

Some of the crew are doing not much at all! I don't call him the lounge-about for nothing...

Greetings from the lido deck! And for those of you with sharp eyes...NO, the mostly empty foil bladder does not contain Chardonnay. It is water only...although there were certainly times last weekend when I WISHED it contained something a little stronger ;-).


Cathy said...

WOW wow wow wow. I have been reading this new Blog of yours. This has got to be one of the most EXCITING things that anyone I know of has done. 8 months!!!!! You are going to have SO much fun - what an adventure. (Brave with 3 kids though they must be much better behaved than mine - I would be worried mine might toss each other overboard ....) I can't wait to keep reading. I LOVE sailing - my Dad has a 24 foot Trailer Sailor which he bought when I was about 10 so I have "been around boats".
Talk soon Cathy x

Sam said...

Thanks so much for your comment Cathy! We are very excited to be heading off on this adventure, but it still seems a little unreal to me!

If you are up in Sydney in early'd be very welcome to stop by for a tour and some afternoon tea. We love to have visitors.