Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life on the High Seas?

Not really, its life on Middle Harbour actually...but you get my drift! Aha ha ha...I crack myself up (and we're not drifting, we are securely attached to one of the d'Albora swing moorings in Pearl Bay at The Spit - and enjoying the scenery).

My head is still spinning (I am losing considerable amounts of hair actually...not so good), and we have many, many things to get done before we leave....but it has not all been hard work and no play for the crew of Lucey Blue (well, not for some of us at least).

One of the recent highlights for Emily and I was a lunchtime visit to Ormeggio at The Spit, for a 'Meet the Masterchef' lunch. We both had a delicious meal and got to meet Executive Chef and owner, Alessandro Pavoni, and one of his top apprentices, Alex Keene...both seen recently on Masterchef Australia.

Emily had spied them both at Ormeggio on many of our day-to-day excursions off the marina and when we stopped to indulge in some of their yummy kiosk food, but we hadn't had a chance to sit down and eat there yet, so Nick suggested it might be time we did!

We also got to try one of their specially prepared desserts, L'uovo nel nido or 'Egg on the nest'....a scrumptious milk chocolate shell, filled with light coconut mousse and a centre of mango sauce, all sitting on a nest of fairy floss. YUMMY....my mouth is watering just thinking about it (and I all but licked my plate clean ;-).

I'm thinking we may need to go back there for a Bon Voyage lunch!

Ryan and Dad got some takeaway from the Ormeggio kiosk, and kept working on the boat (such dedicated troops they are). Ryan didn't mind one little bit though, as he scored an enormous serve of chocolate gelato in the process, the cup in which it was served also having been licked clean I believe...

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