Friday, December 16, 2011

Safe in Southport

I just wanted to let you know we left Dockside at 03:00 this morning, after enjoying two and a half weeks of Brisbane hospitality, sight-seeing, shopping, relaxation.....and even getting in some re-provisioning and small repairs too.

As we slipped quietly down the river I was reciting passages of one of the kid's books to myself. It is called the Night Pirates, by Peter Harris and illustrated by Deborah Allwright...

"Down, down, down the dark, dark street they came. Up, up, up the dark, dark house they climbed. Stealthy as shadows, quiet as mice. Only the moon was watching when they arrived. Only the moon was watching when they left. Only the moon & one little boy."

I'm not convinced anyone was watching, and it was overcast so I've got no idea if the moon was up or not, but it did feel very stealthy navigating down the river in the middle of the night...very nice not to worry about the City Cats zig-zagging across our path too!

We made it safely down to Southport by lunch-time today, and will hang out here until the wind turns to the east on Sunday (if the forecast is to be believed). I'll pop up a few details of our trip down through the channels soon. I'm so tired now I don't think I'll make sense.


Richard said...

Merry Christmas Emily, Ryan and Eric, Mum and Dad! Just getting ready to go to bed here in Florida on Christmas Eve. Have a wonderful Holiday.

Heather said...

Hi guys, not sure if you're home yet but hope all is well with you and that you had a great Xmas and New Years. We're in Mooloolaba, just 40 miles from home - due back into Newport tomorrow. Take care and best wishes for the upcoming move! Heather, Shane, Haydee, Cameron and Seasprint