Friday, July 31, 2015

Bundaberg - The best little big town in Queensland.

Bundaberg is such a welcoming town with so many great features for yachts - amazing fresh produce, plenty of fresh fish and super friendly people - that we could have easily spent several weeks. 

Eric loved the subtropical feel of the town and was forever running around offering ladies flowers at the marina. 

Emily and Ryan took up fishing with some expert guidance from Peter aboard Acropora and other yachties. They had some success and are likely now hooked on the sport, but we will let them tell their own story in their own words to let you decide for yourself!

We all enjoyed catching up with family and friends - we even managed to have dinner with Mel and Angus from Roar Ege which was fantastic.

One of the many highlights is Lushus Cakes on the main street of town. They have been in business since at least the early 1980s and whenever we are in town we make sure to buy one (maybe two… ok you got me maybe a few more) Peach Blossom cakes. The shop has been flashed up with a new coat of paint but the cake remains as delicious as always.

We zipped to and from town in a borrowed car and apart from a few cane trains there was never any traffic or delay. 

If we could stay forever we probably would, but the call of the reef was strong and the crew of Lucey Blue was keen to see Lady Musgrave again…

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