Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hamilton Island - Grandi visits

On the 20th of October Grandi came to Hamilton Island to visit the crew of Lucey Blue. 

We spent a week or so pottering about the pool playing and we also all had a sleep over at Grandi's apartment, while mum and dad went out to dinner. We also had a delicious selection of treats such as ice-cream, mars bars, slushies and wedges.


We had a lot of fun at the pool and the pool bar, where we had lunch a few times.

Ryan and Mum did a few morning runs around the island and Mum even managed to complete a park run!

Dad did a few odd jobs around the boat, some that involved making my hands super greasy with engine oil and others that made a real mess out of my cabin!

 On the 24th of October Grandi left and our uncle, Rory, came up, but that's another story.

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