Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lady Musgrave underwater life - Another day another adventure...

We spent over a week at Lady Musgrave on our way south and each day we hit the water in a new location to explore the reef and interact with the local inhabitants.

Eric made the transition to deep water snorkeling during our stay and despite his limited swimming ability the extra buoyancy of his wetsuit gave him wings.

There is awalys a lot to see at Lady Musgrave and during our visit we found a large Moray Eel which we called Eddy!

We also found some cool Nudibranchs, several fish that liked the security of small shells and a couple of musical Yellow Flute Mouth...

One afternoon we also found a mystery monster fish (prehaps a false Stonefish) and the remains of someone else’s misadventure - the rudder of a small yacht that had obviously run aground on reef near the lagoon entrance.

Ryan is always eager to explore so near the end of our stay we decided to swim over the edge of the outer reef wall where Ryan entered the surf zone and saw several turtles and fish surfing the ocean currents...

Thanks Lady Musgrave!

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