Sunday, December 20, 2009

All Aboard SV Lucey Blue

WELL...what a very long day it has been!

After getting up at 6 am, running around like headless chooks, then leaving home at 9:15 am, we finally arrived near Narrabeen Lakes, Sydney to pick up the keys at around 2:30 pm.

We then drove back down to Manly, found a parking spot near the Manly Boatshed, and thence followed numerous dinghy trips back and forth, with all of our gear. By about 5:30 pm we had loaded up Lucey Blue and we were all aboard!

We had a good old look around, opening and closing just about everything that opened and closed. Oscar found a dark corner to go and hide in, and the kids set about claiming their cabins and running around in a state of high excitement. I made up the beds, we found spaces for our clothes, and then thought about what to do for dinner.

So we piled back in the dinghy and went back ashore and drove up to Balgowlah shops, had some Thai (wrote a shopping list as we ate), and then did a spot of shopping at Coles.

It is now 10:00 pm and we are back aboard. We have packed away the food, fed and watered Oscar (who I think was a bit concerned that we'd all gone off and left him here alone)...and now it is time for BED.

The view from here is beautiful. To the SE we can see right out through Sydney Harbour Heads, and to the north, we have a beautiful view of Manly. I'll try and get some photos tomorrow before we head off to the Marina at Cabarita.

The wind has died right down and the water is it is perfect conditions for our first night aboard Lucey Blue.

Nightie night!

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