Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas on Lucey Blue

Happy Christmas from Lucey Blue and crew!

The kids woke (late...almost 8 am!!!) to a Saloon table full of pressies, and all fears about Santa not being able to find us on Lucey Blue in Sydney Harbour, were allayed!

After a big breakfast of yummy fruit salad we all went ashore in the morning and had a play on Cabarita Point beach, just opposite the marina, with some of the new sand buckets and spades.

Then we went back to Lucey Blue and had MORE yummy food...cold ham, prawns and chicken, salad and bread....and bon bons with paper hats, trinkets and bad jokes (of course)!

By then the wind was picking up, and it started raining in the afternoon, so we stayed aboard and rested (Dad), read a book (me), and watched a DVD (the kids).

What a perfect way to spend Christmas day. Hope your Christmas day was wonderful too!


PS. I got a little purple plastic anchor in my Christmas bon bon...which we thought was particularly cool, and it will be saved...'just in case' ;-).

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