Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Long Weekend 2010

We had a pretty relaxing Easter weekend (and hope you did too). We went up to Sydney to spend the four day holiday on Lucey Blue. Lucky for us we got a relatively pleasant drive up....the traffic leaving Sydney looked bad from our perspective (it looked even worse for them as we returned home last night):

Lucey Blue is currently still on a d'Albora Marina swing mooring in beautiful Quakers Hat Bay in Middle Harbour, Sydney. This bay is very quiet and pretty, and was a nice place to spend the weekend.

Part of the marina package is a fast tender service out to the boat (check out the size of the outboard....PHOARRRrrrrrr)...

I love this ride...and so do the kids (although you can see me holding Ryan's hand...I get worried he'll blow right over the back of the boat)...

We had some jobs that needed doing before we could go anywhere on Lucey Blue this weekend. One of the jobs involved the steering. I'll post about that later though, because that'll be a technical post and I'll need Nick to vet it before I publish. I'd be likely to say something along the lines that this big brass bracket with two big wheelie things on it, was....wearing out, and this other brass arm thing in the engine locker had a big crack in it and Nick has to replace them both (after much ummmming and aaaaaaahhhing, too-ing and fro-ing, pondering of the Harken and Edson catalogues, and outlaying of mucho $$$).

The other job for the weekend was tying in the mended trampolines. They have been mended (patched and re-sewn)...to ensure that we don't have one of the kids disappearing through a gaping hole at some point. I had wanted new ones, but it was decided that they could be mended...

Lucey Blue looked really odd without them on, and it was surprising to me how much their absence affected the deck room. I felt like we'd lost half the boat:

Nick kept telling me the trampolines were going to take a long time to put back in...about 3 hours later, and one trampoline down...I finally believed him ;-)

I'm glad he has good balance!

...finally, near the end of the day...the task has been finished. Nice work! (the funniest thing was, as he finished the job, and leaned back to survey his handiwork, he says 'we might still replace these, make them look a bit nicer'...LOL!).

So now the kids are safe, and enjoying their trampolines again...

I'll leave it at that for now. Here is a pretty pic out our cabin aft hatch, sunrise on Easter Sunday:


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