Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Leisurely Cruise...

SO...after the de-barnacling episode we had some lunch, and then cast off again and headed towards the Spit bridge. The shuddering and juddering had stopped completely. I was amazed two months of barnacles could make such a big impact.

The Spit Bridge is an opening bridge that we needed to pass in order to get out on to Sydney Harbour.

It even has a traffic light to assist in the orderly passing of yachts! Whodathunkit?

It is worth pointing out at this point we had no bimini or spray dodger on Lucey Blue....ours are off the boat for repairs!

Anyway...once through the bridge we headed out towards the city.

We were enjoying the ride until we noticed this:

Do you see a problem out there? Remember me saying we had no bimini or spray dodger? I think this video will give you a better idea of what unfolded next:

This is our first edited video, and the first time I have ever uploaded into YouTube...hope it works.

We were both pretty much soaked...we don't have full sets of wet weather gear on board yet (DOH!)...but it was a lot of fun! Some of us came out of the experience completely unscathed...nice for some ;-)

We are back up on Lucey Blue this weekend. Nick is in the engine lockers pondering the cracked thingummy-jig back there. I'll get the deets and fill you in on that at some other time (betcha can't wait ;-).


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Anonymous said...

Great video! Your boat is really coming along and the new windows look fantastic. Glad you made a trip up the mast and really good to see that you little ones had a go too. Hamish from Pegasus