Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Deckhouse - Woolwich, Sydney

While we were at the Woolwich Dockyard in Sydney for repairs and anti-fouling we discovered that they had recently opened a beautiful new cafe/function centre right on the waterfront nearby. It is called the Deckhouse, and is open for breakfast and lunch (and functions).

The views from the restaurant up the harbour to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the city skyline are spectacular:

There are lots of beautiful, exposed wood beams in the cafe, which apparently were salvaged from the original Woolwich Dock area.

We had a delicious breakfast one day, and enjoyed it so much we invited some family members back the next weekend, and had a scrumptious lunch (I really loved my Salt and Pepper squid).

Our waitress at lunch was lovely and the kids were smitten. She even gave them some of their special 'opening ceremony' truffles in a box as we left (the restaurant had only officially opened earlier in the week we were there)...so we felt very special indeed!

We tried to go back for breakfast the day we left (a Sunday morning), but we hadn't booked...and they were full...so we missed out. Moral to the story...make a booking on busy weekends!

The Woolwich/Hunters Hill area has a couple of nice places to eat, and one rainy night we visited nearby Jaspers. It was a beautiful little restaurant, that looked all dark, cosy and romantic through the windows. As we approached with two small children in tow we thought they'd send us packing pronto, but we couldn't have been more wrong! They showed us to a lovely comfortable table...which was a little apart from the other diners, as I had asked to sit in an unobtrusive spot!

Our waitress here was also lovely, she even took the kids in to the kitchen and introduced them to the staff (because the kids could just see the kitchen from their seats...and had declared it looked JUST LIKE MASTERCHEF!!). It was a delicious meal, and a very special night out.

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