Saturday, August 21, 2010

PDQ 32 Catamaran

On our way down to Woolwich for our annual haul out we spotted a PDQ 32 catamaran in Middle Harbour, Sydney.

The boat is a long way from its Canadian birthplace and looks well set up for cruising. This rare sighting in Australian waters made us think of Mike and Rebecca on Zero to Cruising currently exploring the Hudson River in North America.

Coincidently PDQ was bought by Pearson Composites in 2008 – formally part of Tillotson Pearson Inc. (TPI) and builders of Lucey Blue.... so now our boats are kind of related ;-)

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Mike said...

Hi guys

Thanks very much for posting those pics (and linking to our Blog)! Do you know who sailed her there?

I'd love to have a larger image of that 2nd pic, to better see how they attached the wind generator pole. If you have a bigger copy and could email it to us that would be fantastic.


Mike and Rebecca