Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mastervolt Alpha Pro smart regulator

A while back we upgraded our 12 volt electrical charging system on board Lucey Blue by installing a Mastervolt Alpha Pro smart regulator and replacing the diode block used to isolate the house battery bank and starter batteries with a voltage sensitive relay.

The Mastervolt Alpha Pro smart regulator automatically adjusts the alternator voltage to maximise the current during the three phase charging cycle, thus reducing the recharge time significantly.

With the new smart regulator electrical setup our 115 amp alternator on the starboard Volvo Penta D2-55 diesel engine pumps out between 90-70 amps during the bulk recharge stage - the old system with blocking diode and normal regular used to average about 20-30 amps.

Until we get the solar panels installed we will still be careful with our power usage. But the Trojan T105 house batteries are “much happier” now and with a bit of luck the next set should last a lot longer.......

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Zee van Tijd said...

Hi Sam,
You seem to be the only person on the globe that managed to break into the standard Volvo Penta 115A alternator. How did you manage?
Did the Volvo Penta electronics give you any problems, like never-ending charging alarms?
How did you disconnect the dumb internal regulator and bring out the field wire?

We used to have a Mastervolt alfa-pro regulator on our previous engine, a Volvo Penta MD22P-B. This was especially appreciated by our AGM- and gel batteries, that have to be floated around 13.6v after topping up at 14.4v. This winter we repowered with a Volvo Penta D2-75F. The dumb internal regulator of the Mitsubishi 115A alternator keeps frying our batteries at 14.4v during prolonged motorsailing.

We would like to have the smart 3-step charging program back on board, bu Mastervolt, nor Volvo Penta are willing to share this information...

Thanks anyway for proving the possibility!
Marein (Garcia Passoa 43 "Zee van Tijd")