Sunday, February 20, 2011

Odd jobs aboard Lucey Blue

In between the major tasks on our ‘to do’ list were a couple of odd jobs including replacing the bathroom mirrors and shower taps, and fabricating new sliding hatch shades. We also decided to upgrade the interior lighting as a number of the old cabin lights were broken or on their last legs.

The bathroom mirrors had started to delaminate where they had been glued to the cupboards. We simply ripped off the old mirrors, bought the new plastic mirrors from a supplier in Canberra and stuck it all back together with non-reacting glue.

The old bathroom taps were clunky, leaking and it was difficult to control the water flow rate so we wasted a lot of water. We ordered new combined shower/tap fittings from Penguin Engineering in the UK. The new low flow taps are great and the flick toggle ensures we no longer waste water when showering. They also have retracting shower hoses so they take up less bench space and the bathrooms look much tidier.

A number of the blown PVC plastic sliding shades in the hatch wells throughout the boat were cracked or in various states of disrepair. Nick removed all the headliners and replaced the old sliding shades. The new shades really look great – amazing how such a simple change can make such a big visual improvement.

After some consideration we decided to opt for LED overhead cabin lights and Aqua Signal Portofino halogen reading lights. The halogen lights may draw more power than LED, but they are bright and excellent for reading.

While Nick worked, Ryan spent his time drawing, reading and generally helping out when required.

Despite all the fun Ryan still really looked forward to his evening call to Mum!!!!

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