Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life-vest Orange is NOT my colour...

Look at this hideous thing my parents expect me to wear...They say its French, I thought the French had good taste!

 It makes my head looks small, and my skin look all washed out...or something! Something BAD.

It makes me want to cry!! the fashion police! Someone...SAVE ME!!

...and if that whole episode wasn't bad enough...they also decided to try me on solids today

 This stuff LOOKS bad, it SMELLS bad...

I KNEW IT! It tastes even worse than it looks.

Why am I smiling? There is nothing to smile about here. I want to lodge a formal complaint for crimes against babies! Or at least put them in touch with someone from Masterchef. They need HELP.

Mum and Dad even tried to set my brother and sister adrift in the dinghy today...

Lucky for them I was on deck and could throw them a line...'ll be glad to know that everyone made it back on board safely.

I don't know why I bothered though, they wouldn't share any of the good food with me. Stinkers!

Luv youse all,


KimB said...

Doh!! It finally occured to me to check the Lucey Blue blog - only took me three weeks!! Sounds (and looks) like you are having a good time. I can't believe how "grown up" Eric looks!!!and solids - he'll probably be walking by the time we see you again!! Life good but colddddd in Canberra.
Take care
Kim xxx

Patrice said...

I've been thinking about you sooooooo much, didn't occur to me to look at the Lucey Blue blog either, doh.

It all looks so exciting and fun. The kids look very happy!

Love this post from Eric...he's getting so big. Look forward to lots more fun and adventure as you set sail....

Take good care.

P xox

Danielle said...

Awww... what gorgeous photos! I've just been catching up on your blog posts - I can't believe you're setting out on this amazing journey! :-)