Saturday, June 4, 2011

An overnight excursion to Bantry Bay

I am still working on some posts about the boat bits and pieces that we are getting done...I am being a bit slack about it though...sorry.

Yesterday we slipped off our Pearl Bay mooring in the late afternoon and motored up Middle Harbour to Bantry Bay.

It was very quiet here over night. No wind, no rain, and we were the only ones here! I didn't miss the Friday night Spit Bridge traffic at all. We were all in bed with lights off by about 7pm (such party animals we are). Eric fed about three hourly through the night...which was not so much fun, but it was nice to lie there and listen to the various quiet water and animal sounds outside the boat while he did.

This morning we were treated to some blue sky, and barely a breath of wind. Excellent weather for some of the other odd jobs Nick has in mind, like applying our name labels to the bows, and fittings for the bimini shade cloth sides too.

Bye, bye from beautiful Bantry Bay! Hope you have a lovely Saturday too.

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