Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Back to Bait Reef, just one last time...

I know this post is out of order, but you'll have to forgive my sloppiness. We have lots of things we still want to put up here, and probably have enough material to post for months after we get back home!

One of the last places we visited before leaving the Whitsunday area was breathtaking Bait Reef. This was our third trip out there, and it did not disappoint. The awesomeness of that place starts as you approach and see boats anchored seemingly in the middle of the ocean.

Then there are all the vibrant colours...I really can not get enough of the reef colours! Nick facilitated my colour fix by climbing the mast for some panoramic shots.

Lucey Blue, moored within Bait Reef, with The Stepping Stones visible in the water behind.

When we were diving or snorkelling on The Stepping Stones we just jumped in straight off the back of Lucey Blue...very convenient! You can see Hayman and Hook Islands on the horizon at photo left.

Bait Reef, The Great Barrier Reef.

The marine life is, of course, another source of awesomeness (and fabulous colour)...

The Humphead Maori Wrasse pictured here was a big favourite (emphasis on the word big). We called him the toe nibbler because whenever the kids and I would get in for a swim, he'd come and nibble our toes. That didn't go down well with Ryan at first (you'd have thought a shark was mauling him) but he got used to it eventually.

Emily and Grandpa admiring the toe-nibbler...

We have more underwater shots from Bait Reef too, but we'll trickle those out so you don't fall asleep on your keyboard.

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