Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday's Turtles

We all got up just before 5 am this morning, and went ashore to see if we could glimpse any of the turtles laying their eggs on Lady Musgrave Island. We knew we'd left it a bit late, but we were all a bit pooped after our early start and long journey the day before.

As luck would have it there were still a few turtles on the beach, although they'd finished laying their eggs, and had commenced the long trip back to the water. It was still lovely to sit up on the beach and watch their slow progress.

This lady obviously had a hair appointment (or knew the sun was on its way) because she made very good time on her way back out into the water...

This poor old girl had got a bit turned around and had a long trek in front of her to get around this coral ledge before the sun got her...

A lovely shot of one of the island's resident Black Noddy Terns at home, captured by Emily on her camera.

A beautiful Najat Sunrise in Lady Musgrave Lagoon

We'll try and get our act together and go ashore later tonight or earlier tomorrow morning to see if we can catch some of the egg laying in progress.

It is a scorcher here today, barely any wind and not a cloud in the sky. A beautiful day to go swimming!

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Richard said...

Fantastic picture of the Tern by Emily.