Monday, November 14, 2011

Catnapping at Cape Capricorn

We left Keppel Bay Marina bright and early on Sunday morning, headed for Great Keppel Island or further...we agreed that we'd decide en-route. Keppel Bay Marina market themselves as the 'Friendliest Marina' and we can vouch for that. Everything is done with a smile, right down to handing over the keys to the FREE courtesy car (or as the sticker emblazoned on the bonnet of the car says...the courtsey car...someone was having a shocker that day ;-).

We made it as far as Cape Capricorn (in Lucey Blue, not the courtsey car) where we decided to have a quick pitstop behind the headland. On closer inspection it proved to be a gorgeous little cove, and as we motored in I kept humming bars of various tunes from Pirates of Penzance to myself (I was the Modern major General in our Year 10 production)...and the place just reminded me of what imagine Penzance would look like (although perhaps a little browner in hue).

As we dropped anchor I spied a turtle off the bow, and contrary to what I had imagined, the water was remarkably calm, we decided immediately it was a great place to stay the night. We gobbled down lunch and jumped into the dinghy for a wee jaunt up the hill to the lighthouse. Ryan was keen to commandeer the ancient rail cart to get up the hill, but following the advice of the large 'BEWARE', 'CAUTION'  and 'DO NOT' - type signs, we walked up instead. It was a scorcher, but well worth the effort, the view from the top was beautiful.

Lucey Blue at anchor off Jetty Beach, behind Cape Capricorn, Hummocky Island in the background

Lucey Blue at anchor behind Cape Capricorn

Back at Lucey Blue we all lolled about and read and napped the afternoon away. We had an early night and this morning we were up BEFORE the first-class passenger had stirred (more about his antics later), and were underway by 5 am.

Motor-sailing past Cape Capricorn as the sun comes up

We had another successful day fishing (more about that later too), and tonight are safely anchored within the lagoon off Lady Musgrave Island...easily one of our favourite stops on this trip. Nick's parents were also here when we arrived, and they came over to share some of our fish bounty.

Sunset over Lady Musgrave Island and lagoon

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