Tuesday, January 12, 2010

America Bay

On our first morning in America Bay (yesterday), we took the Dinghy ashore and found the start of a marked bushwalk, which we thought we might meander along, and enjoy the scenery and squawking cicadas. We set off, after Mr 3 had fallen in the small river, and got himself SATURATED!

About 30 minutes later, and only 20 m up a heavily wooded, rocky, approx. 50 m high, scrabbly slope, in crocs and thongs (awesome bushwalking footwear...NOT), with both kids in tow...we decided that as the Manly to Spit track was described as 'HARD', this wee track/goat path would best be described as 'EXTREMELY EXTREME'....and decided to turn around, while we were all still alive ;-).

Before we did, both Nick and I took turns scrambling another 20 m up and checking out the view. This panoramic shot looking out over America Bay was taken from the top of the cliff (well, as far towards the top as I got). Lucey Blue is just around the corner out of site :-(.

The scramble/slide down the slope took a good bit longer, but eventually we made it down safely.

Nick found a rock cave, which of course everyone had to explore...

The cave even had a back door, which only Mr 3 was small enough to wiggle through...

Nick then took Miss 5 up to the waterfall....which he said could be better described as a water trickle. He got a nice shot looking down from the top...

By the time we got back to Lucey Blue we were all very hot and sweaty...and needed a.....SWIM!

...yes, even Mr 3 jumps by himself from Lucey Blue's very high bow!!...but I haven't managed to capture him on film properly yet...I think he doesn't quite wait until I get to 'three' on the countdown ;-).

We also played a quick game of noodle water polo off the stern, which was a lot of fun, except the strong outgoing tide kept taking off with our ball...

We stayed in America Bay overnight again...another lovely night with just the sound of the cicadas sounding from the surrounding shores!

Till later,

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Karen said...

HOLY COW SAM!!! This boat is freakin HUGE! ROFLOL

I have just been and read alllllll your blog posts and have enjoyed every word you typed! Your kids are going to have some awesome memories thats for certain!!

I am so excited for you! Do ya think if I came to Canberra we could go for a whirl in it? roflol

Luv K