Friday, January 22, 2010

Quarantine Bay

We decided to head down to Rushcutter's Bay early this morning and fill up with fuel and water, and pump the sullage too. The trip went pretty smoothly, and we managed to get in and out of the VERY densely populated bay without incident. We even saw Ichi Ban there...although she was looking a little the worse for wear...missing the top of her mast...

We then motored back up the harbour and decided that since it was such a beautiful day, we would stop at Quarantine Bay and have a swim:

A photo of the postcard from Quarantine Bay Station, or QStation as they call it now.

Check out how clear that water is...pretty good for Sydney Harbour water eh?

Like our pretty new Australian flag? We should be flying it from the aft of Lucey Blue but we don't have anywhere to hang it there right I put it up the mast instead (poor yachting flag etiquette...but you get that ;-). We still have the Leesburg Virginia (USA) painted on the transom most people probably think we are from the US. We will eventually get the Leesburg Va. bit changed to Batemans Bay...

Nick decided he would scrub a hull or two.

Emily had fun floating about on the Sunberg

After our swim we went ashore to have a look around. When we looked at Lucey Blue a Police launch was towing a motor cruiser into the bay. A little later the Port Authority tug showed up too. This photo looks like we are in BIG trouble...

We wandered into the Quarantine Station area, looking for a snack, and ended up in the trendy Boilerhouse Restaurant...where we had icea cream and drinks in style (I was surprised they even served us, being barefooted, sandy and clad in wet swimmers)...but they did! The ice cream and sorbet was delicious, and I hope we can go back there some time for a full meal...

Speaking of restaurants...if you are ever in search of a children friendly Chinese restaurant in Balgowlah that serves good steamed gow gees...try Ying Wah...the food is good, and they even give you silver service

On the way back to our Fairlight mooring from Quarantine we passed the Parasail boat, so I got a shot of it.

I'd love to do this some time, it looks like great fun. We can often hear the people screaming from our mooring (they scream especially loudly when they get dunked in the harbour :-).

We are still on the Fairlight mooring, and will be until next week now. We decided it was such a pretty spot, and close to lots of nice swimming beaches (good since tomorrow is supposed to be 39 degrees UGH). Can't wait for Australia Day...I stocked up on Australian flag we can 'dress' up on the big day.

Hope you have a fun weekend!

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