Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fishermans Beach

Yesterday we left the America Bay mooring and motored across Cowan Creek to anchor off Fishermans Beach. Nick and Ryan took the dinghy ashore, and Emily and I swam ashore...we had the beach all to ourselves at first!

We took one of the foam squirters ashore and had fun squirting each other with that (we can't seem to locate the other one at the'll show up in some locker eventually...I hope)...

...and the beach ball, and played a bit of raucous beach volley ball (in the water)...

...we snorkelled, the vis was pretty much non-existent....but don't I look fashionable ;-)?

...we built multiple sand fortresses...

On the way back Emily had lessons using the dinghy outboard, and I swam back with Ryan...

In the afternoon...while I was snoozing in the shade in the cockpit...Nick, Emily and Ryan were hunting down transducers in the forward cabins (don't you wish you could be part of that fun?). While he was on his adventure (which involved pulling apart the beds and tunnelling below them)...he found a small pink iPod (we'll contact the previous owners and see if they would like us to send it back), and a little coin...which Emily thought might be pirate treasure, but turned out to be 10 cents from the East Caribbean cool is that?

...we also went back to the beach in the afternoon...once the tree shadows covered the beach, and I ended up helping a couple search for their wedding ring in the sand. She found it in the end, but not before we had all searched a significant-sized patch of sand!

...Nick has also been tinkering with the BBQ onboard for a while now (it is called a it 'sounds' like it should mean serious business...but unfortunately...not). Sometimes it works, most of the time, it doesn't. From the mutterings, I gather it is something to do with the regulator. The night before last Nick took out all stops to get it working...including removing the Captain's chair, in order to get it out of the wind...for optimum performance ;-)

He got it going in the end...but only just...and it had a tiny little flame. As we were eating our sausages (that took quite some time to cook), we looked over at the small yacht next to us...where their BBQ flames were licking skyward...I think Nick felt a bit of BBQ envy!

A little duck also recently came and visited Lucey Blue, so we got a piece of bread and threw some pieces to it. It was funny to see many of the pieces disappear from below the water, before the duck got anywhere near it. The fish around here are very fast!

Feels like it is going to be another scorcher here....with humidity of 1000%...UGH!
See you,

PS. We had what sounded like a mini-hurricane here in America Bay at midnight last night, complete with wind, lightning and torrential rain...and of course we had all the hatches and portholes open, and a whole bunch of towels and wet swimmers hanging in our rigging. Nick and I bolted up and had to frantically pull everything in and hang it up times ;-).


Karen said...

Hey there Sam! Geese you guys sound like your having a ball! I would LOVE to be on the little holiday with you all! I'd be good.........promise I would! lol


KimB said...

Hi Sam,

the location looks idyllic! It sounds like you are all still having lots of fun - despite mini hurricanes and dodgy BBQs ;)