Sunday, October 9, 2011

About those underwater pictures...

...I may have said there wouldn't be any more until we got a replacement regulator for our Powerdive unit, but I may have forgotten that we'd still be I might have some more underwater shots for the blog anyway...sorry!

Did you know I could do one-arm handstands underwater? You should have seen the twenty push-ups I did...but I was so quick, Nick missed them with the camera.

Terry Turtle...he did not seem the least bit worried about two, big, neoprene-encrusted aliens finning after him slowly across his lagoon. He just went about his business!

...we saw eleven more turtles sunning themselves on the ocean surface along the southern edge of Bait Reef the next day....but none were as friendly (or as handsome) as Terry!

A six-banded angelfish...I am going to do my best to name the things I pop up here...bear with me...okay?

Two orange whos-a-ma-whatsits. I will look these things up one day...they come in a kaleidoscope of colours, and disappear at the lightest swish of the water. Very cool.

Hermit crab on a mouldy underwater schnitzel! I played with this shot for ages, trying to bring out the Hermit Crab a bit better, but couldn't do it. If you can't see him, you'll just have to believe us...he was there, warts and all.

I couldn't find this beauty in Grant's. Maybe a coralfish of some sort?

Only in the last week were we lamenting the lack of live shells that we have seen on the reef. Those that we have found, we could count on one hand, and then on this trip Nick found not one but TWO live Cowries sitting next to each other! HOORAY!!

That's it for now. I'm pooped. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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