Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More from Cateran Bay

I've been playing with more of Nick's underwater photos from Cateran Bay (I can hear you all cheering with I also have a bunch taken above the water there...but I'll pop those in a separate post.

The myriad shapes, textures and colours are very beautiful. We have been watching the Stargate SG1 series on DVD while we have been out here, and often, while I'm flying through these underwater landscapes I can easily imagine myself on an alien planet (especially with the whalesong in the background).

While I am on the subject of whalesong....Nick put together a small video, where you can hear it in the background...

On our last visit to Cateran Bay (we left there this morning to come out to Bait Reef again) we didn't hear much in the way of whalesong at all. It felt a bit lonely in fact (even though the Bay itself was packed with yachts...14 in total [you can tell it is school holiday time]). I guess many whales have started their migration back south already.

PS. If anyone happens to find part of a Powerdive regulator unit in the vicinity of Cateran Bay...that'll be ours! We lost it on our last dive, somewhere between surfacing and swimming back to the boat. As a result, there may be a small hiatus in underwater shots published here, until we get a replacement part in Airlie Beach (aren't you lucky??!).

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Anonymous said...

Loved the video, shame you lost the
regulator, can't be any good to anyone without the Power Doovie!!
Maybe you'll get it back...
It's like you are on another planet, hope the kids are good and enjoying Grandma & Grandpa, R & K going away for a few days on the 16th, to regroup. Little ! Ror taking us to lunch on Sunday for B'day & Fathers day. Off to NG on Monday. LOL