Saturday, October 1, 2011

Whitehaven Weekend

We got up bright and early this morning and with the northerly wind pretty much gone, we left Chance Bay and headed back around to Whitehaven Beach.

It was a simply beautiful day. Bright blue sky, clear sea, lovely and warm...the perfect day to spend playing on Whitehaven we did!

Even Eric got in on the action...and prepared for his first swim in the crystal clear water.

He wasn't overly impressed at first, and Nick had to convince him that he really was having fun.

Again, extraordinary colours! That's Lucey Blue behind Nick.

The first-class passenger's private beach lodgings!

We think we'll hang out here again tomorrow. It's really hard to take...NOT! ;-).


Patrice said...

Looks divine! Need you travel any further North really?

Anonymous said...

What was it like there? Are there a lot of tourists? Do you know how the accomodation is like there?