Thursday, October 6, 2011

Being at Border Island

As I mentioned before, I do have lots of photos taken above the waves around Cateran Bay, Border is a pretty little island!

Looking towards Mosstrooper Peak on Border Island, with Cateran Bay on the left. Deloraine Island is just peaking in from photo right.

Fringing reef and yachts at anchor in Cateran Bay, Border Island.

Both of these photos above were taken by Nick who was climbing peaks in a vain attempt to get phone reception so he could order another zinc anode after one of ours fell off. We don't get phone or internet reception in the bay due to the tall peaks of Border, Whitsunday and Hook Islands screening it from the mainland to the west. It is one of the few places up the east coast where we haven't had connection. We even have great reception out here on Bait Reef, in the middle of nowhere!

One of our first visits to Border Island, pre-school holidays...when we had the entire bay to ourselves for a day and night! Nowadays you have to scramble to get your anchor down in anything less than 14m.

Snorkelling off the beach in Cateran Bay, Border Island.

Bouncing off boulders on Border Island beach!

Bucket Baby on Border Island beach. Huge leaps forward are being made in the baby-carrier market by this cruising least it is water resistant, to some degree ;-).

Motoring away from Cateran Bay, Border Island on our way out to Bait Reef, the first time.

Pretty yellow sea snake spotted in the water off Border Island, on our way out to Bait Reef.

That reddish brown stuff floating in the water is coral spawn stuff (I believe). I have no idea what the correct terminology is...but it was pretty widespread at one point, and came in lots of colours including red, green, yellow and brown.

Carving a path through the coral spawn goo from Border Island to Bait Reef...

Well, thanks for visiting us. We are contemplating where to snorkel today, before maybe moving over to Line or Hardy reef. We'll see!

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