Friday, August 26, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa visit Lucey Blue

While we couldn't find the old plaque on Middle Percy Island, Grandma and Grandpa have still been a part of this voyage. After helping sail Lucey Blue up from Sydney to Brisbane they set about cleaning up Najat and getting ready to meet us out at sea.

After some hard work and careful renovation – including nearly burning out the bathroom diesel heater much to the amusement of Emily and Ryan – Najat dropped in on us at Lady Musgrave Island.

The kids loved having Grandma and Grandpa around. Ryan even started to snorkel properly again after swimming with Grandma around the edge of the coral lagoon at Lady Musgrave.

Lady Musgrave is a beautiful Island and the reef is fantastic (even if most of the bigger fish seem to be missing in action when compared to my last visit in the mid 1980s), and sharing it with family makes the experience even more rewarding. As an added bonus, Najat acted as a supply ship taking food orders via email and then hand delivering fresh produce and mail on arrival. Thanks Mum.

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Anonymous said...

Great your mum was able to give ryan confidence in the water, she was revisiting your childhood I'm sure, ryan is definitely a chip off the old block and eric the same, the pics of ryan and eric at the same age are identical, unless my eyes are worse than I think!! Hope the rain passes soon,