Saturday, August 20, 2011

Leaving a memento at the Percy Hilton...

One of the fun things to do at Middle Percy Island is to leave a memento of your visit in the A-frame hut on the beach, dubbed the Percy Hilton...

Nick and his parents had done the same when they passed this way back in the early 80's (although we failed to locate their plaque, which was a cow bone and may well have disintegrated). We found some plaques and memorabilia dating back as far as the 60's, so there is a fair bit of interesting history hanging about on the island. It is also a fun way to meet new people. As we were searching for the Kudjinka plaque, we met another group searching for their old plaque we shared boat names to try and speed up the search process.

Nick started on our plaque back in Island Head Creek, choosing an off-cut of ply that he had stashed away on Lucey Blue. I wrote out the details for him in pencil, and he proceeded to carve out the words using a stanley knife.

He then scorched the wording using his soldering iron. We also decided to add the kids' hand-prints and ages on the back side of the plaque as an extra touch...

Nick then coated it in epoxy glue...for a long-lasting finish. We'd like to think it might still be hanging around there in another 20 - 30 years, and that maybe the kids will go back and look for it at some point.

We also hope that having these photos here might aid any future search. Knowing what you are looking for, and roughly where it was left is definitely a bonus, because there are HUNDREDS of bits and pieces in this hut!

I am already looking forward to returning to Middle Percy Island some time soon!

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