Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'morning Mackay!

It was so hard to say goodbye to Middle Percy Island at stupid o'clock this morning. I have so much to say about our five days there...fantastic people, great food, cute animals, beautiful scenery, and lots of pics too...but its going to have to wait, because while my seasickness has been minimal of late (and non-existent today), I don't want to push my luck by burying my head in the computer for a half hour.

Here is one I played with last night before bed...

Right now we are at: 21 04.697S 149 16.718E and motoring towards Mackay at 6+ kts, with almost no wind, on a beautiful sunny day (I am about to take the polar fleece off because this-here sub-snow dwelling Canberran is SWELTERING - even though the locals are busy complaining about it being a cold winter ;-).

I am on watch, Rhino is on the cockpit floor, holding on to Eric and singing to him (one of his rhyming compilations...which sometimes contain identifiable snippets of Pink and/or Katy Perry tunes). Eric is in turn would assume it is in agreement, or enjoyment or something like that! Emily is reading at the saloon table, and dad is catching a coupl'a Zzzzzzs in our cabin.

Better go check the charts, and make sure that I steer clear of the rather impressive line of tankers and cargo ships anchored off Mackay, and rapidly expanding on our horizon.

Have a great day,

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