Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our new anchorage

...this picture taken as we slowly approached the anchorage off Leeke's Beach on the northern side of Great Keppel Island around 6 am this morning.

We left Lady Musgrave Island lagoon at 2 pm yesterday and motor-sailed/sailed the approximately 90 nm to Great Keppel Island over night.

Shortly after we'd left the Lady Musgrave Island lagoon I saw a whale breach, and several large plumes of air/water too...but they were a good distance away, and obviously moving a fair bit faster than us, we didn't see them again after that :-(.

We are now resting up and getting ourselves sorted before venturing ashore and checking out the sights.

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Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful, little man not so sure if he is happy or not, a lot to take on board when you are only six months old. Hope Yepoon a good mooring, looks like weather changing up north the next few days, enjoy your time, Chris from painting has her son & family now up in Yepoon, working on the mines. She is in NY and heading to Portland Oregon to her daughter. All you wanderers make our generation look so weak, but we didn't all have the opportunities, go for it I say!! Going to beautiful down town Berrima at the weekend to get a special fold up table. Fun,fun,fun... Cheers Mum