Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bait Reef Snorkelling

Another lovely day here on the Great Barrier Reef yesterday. We all went snorkelling (well, not Eric, I stayed with him while dad took the kids in, then I went in later).

That's Emily's weight belt streaming out behind her. They don't seem to come in kiddy sizes, so it is a mile too long (we could cut it, but it might come in handy one day to hold on to her while she goes off....she is a very good snorkeller)

She dives too...and is miles better than me. I hate having to clear my snorkel when I come back up (and besides I'm a good bit more bouyant than her...;-)

PS. 99% of all the underwater shots are Nick's. He is part fish in the water...and can dive to great depths, steady himself and take a photo all in the time it takes me to breathe in and get my head under the water. I still can't believe he agreed to live in a land-locked Australian Territory (UGH...I just had a visual of diving in Lake Burley Griffin...and I nearly choked on my pancake!).


Catherine said...

Ohhh Sam, I dont know how the kids are going to settle back to life once they hit terra firma!! They look like they are having so much fun, what a fantastic adventure for them!!
Cath :)

Patrice said...

This is the most wonderful opportunity for the children, and you and Nick too of course. Life is going to be a tad dull when you return to boring old Canberra!