Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Stepping Stones, Bait Reef

We had another fun day yesterday. We moved from Hook Reef to Bait Reef, and went Powerdiving off the Stepping Stones...

It is still a tad windy here, but under the water you don't notice the wind so much (except that it tends to blow the floating Powerdive unit away, and I can sometimes feel it dragging me backwards).

It poured with rain here last night, which washed down the boat but unfortunately also soaked MY side of the bed....not so nice, but it'll dry out today.


Catherine said...

Ohhh dear,
I hope you had a dry bed last night!! The photography is just stunning. Loving all these pics, kinda makes me feel there with all this glorious sunshine in Vic!!!
Take care,
Cath :)

Patrice said...

These pics are divine. So clear and colourful. Loving them all.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lucey,

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We hope to read from you more soon.

Cheers Lars