Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hopelessly behind here...

It is getting to the point where my mind is just boggling every time I think about everything I want to put on here...and how long it is going to take me to do it! Given this blog is supposed to be a fun thing, the mind boggling part is not a good sign. Think I might have to sit by the pool and have another few mocktails...until the boggling subsides ;-).

I still have photos I want to share from Shaw Island, Lindeman Island, Whitehaven, Cateran Bay on Border Island (we've been there twice already now), Sawmill Bay, Whitsunday Peak, Hamilton Island, Airlie Beach, South Molle Island and Daydream Island. We've done almost two whole laps of Whitsunday Island...and haven't even got to Hook or Hayman yet...not to mention the outer reef. We could stay here for a very long time and still find plenty of things to see....and another lap of Whitsunday Island is not out of the question either!

Right now we are moored off Daydream Island. The wind has subsided and Lucey Blue is bobbing about peacefully. Nick has taken the kids ashore to see Marmaduke at the Island's outdoor I am going to go read a little Cussler before bed. I estimate that even Dirk Pitt's action filled adventures will not keep me awake long tonight.

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