Thursday, September 22, 2011

Diving on Bait Reef

We are currently anchored behind Hook Reef on The Great Barrier Reef, and all I can see in every direction is amazingly blue ocean (and one or two other boats, and the reef...which is just coming out at low tide, as I write).

Yesterday we motored out here from Cateran Bay, and stopped briefly on the outer edge of Bait Reef on the way. We picked up the Manta Ray Drop-off public mooring and then chucked in the Powerdive unit and went for a quick paddle...

Apologies for the picture heavy post, but what more could I say? We came, we saw, we were impressed! This is a heavily visited area, which has also suffered some storm damage by the looks of it, but I for one am pretty easy to please when it comes to underwater adventuring. It also helped that the whole dive was accompanied by the sounds of whales singing, quite close by this time too!

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Patrice said...

Wow Sam, breathtaking pics!