Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Whale-y Good Breakfast...

Yesterday morning we were treated to the most amazing spectacle. We were anchored in Cateran Bay, Border Island (for the third time) and I had been watching the dorsal fin of a large whale quietly bobbing about just outside the bay, with a calf nearby. I'd not long gone inside to do some school work with Emily when people on a nearby yacht started cheering and yelling. We rushed outside and were greeted by the truly awesome sight of an adult Humpback whale breaching...less than 100 m from our boat!

The whale breached at least three times (that I heard/saw), which had all the yachts in the bay cheering and yelling for more, before it rolled over and began slapping the water with its flipper, almost like it was waving good bye.

I was too gobsmacked to catch her breaching on camera, but managed a slightly blurry shot of her farewell (I think that yacht behind us would have been less than 50 m from the action...hope they didn't choke on their Wheaties!!).

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Catherine said...

omgosh, how stunning!!!