Monday, September 12, 2011

Dreamy Daydream

We had a lovely time at Daydream Island. They charge $55 per night for the use of one of their moorings, and for that price you also get to use the resort we did!

Nick and the kids...considering downsizing from Lucey Blue!

Eric and I sat under an umbrella on the lovely beach above and watched the fun... did the mermaids (well, they weren't under an umbrella...but you get my drift)...

We were having so much fun we were late leaving for Airlie Beach this afternoon...but with the current going in our direction we made 8kts over the ground, and got there well before the marina closed.

Everyone is pooped, and they are all in bed...which is exactly where I am headed now!



Catherine said...

Just gorgeous Sam,
looks like you all are having such a fabulous time. I just love your pics and are so envious!!! Ahhh well someone has to stay and do the hardyards!!!!
Keep having fun!!! and stay safe,
Cath :)

Mel said...

Hi Lucey Blue
Your photos are amazing! You are pros! Your photoshop techniques are very effective. Love your work. Esp through the Whitsundays, beautiful images!! Mel ;-)