Saturday, September 12, 2015

Central Diamond Islet

We departed East Diamond Islet on 5 September to explore Central Diamond Islet with an idea of staying overnight if the anchorage was good or moving on to the Herald Cays about 110 nautical miles further NW if it was not.

As it turned out the anchorage at Central Diamond was fairly average - exposed to the sea and deep (18 to 20m) with lots of coral and only small patches of sand. We eventually found a spot to anchor in about 19m and hit a nice sand patch so we went ashore for a few hours.

Central Diamond Islet felt rather isolated with less birdlife than East Diamond Islet and fewer shells, but we still had plenty of fun on the walk around the sand cay.

The kids enjoyed the cay and the unusually friendly Moray Eel…

After lunch we carefully pulled up the anchor and departed for the Herald Cays via West Diamond Islet. The conditions were nice (10-15 knot SE winds) and Lucey Blue sailed happily along at 6.5 to 7.5 knots without the code zero or spinnaker...

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