Saturday, September 12, 2015

Diamond Islets - Fishing

After we left Central Diamond Islet our fishing luck changed dramatically. The shoals between Central and West Diamond proved to be a fishing mecca - even for those of us that simply throw a line out while sailing to their next destination...

Our first catch that afternoon was 1.3 m reef shark - he went back into the sea after a bit of delicate work removing the hooks from his jaws.

Then we finally caught something worthwhile - a 0.94 m Dogtooth Tuna. This one wanted to go back to the sea, but he was definitely staying with us!

 As we sailed past West Diamond we also caught a 0.8 m Green Job Fish.

After filleting the fish we had filled three large boxes (about 2 kg each) with delicious dinners....that's a whole lotta fish (Nick had the audacity to complain about how much food we now had...and that his fridge was overflowing!!).

We all agreed that we did not need anymore for a while so the fishing lines were stowed at 14:30 and we continued our journey to the Herald Cays overnight. Eric has now started calling Dad the 'Master Fisher' following the theme from the Lego movie of 'Master Builders'!

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