Saturday, September 26, 2015

Michaelmas 'Sand Castle' Cay - Another sand cay appears at low tide...

As the tide dropped one day we noticed a small sand cay appear on the horizon approximately 3 nautical miles away from Michaelmas Cay so we decided to up anchor and have a look.

Emily named the transient island 'Sand Castle Cay' after we built a small structure near the high point to see if it would survive the night. Unfortunately the high tide wiped out any trace of our castle! 

The reef around the cay was pretty similar to Michaelmas Cay with plenty of giant clams, soft corals and red fans.

However, we found more Clown Fish around 'Sand Castle Cay' than Michaelmas. Some of the Clown Fish were happy to come out and play while others preferred the shelter of their anemone homes...

We even found a gaggle of Garfish in the lagoon which reminded us of North East Herald Cay!

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