Monday, September 14, 2015

North East Herald Cay - Wow!

We arrived at North East Herald Cay at around 09:00 on Fathers Day after a gentle overnight sail from the Diamond Ises.

North East Herald Cay forms part of the Coringa-Herald Nature Reserve - effectively the equivalent of a Green Zone on the Great Barrier Reef. The place is spectacular, stunning colours, incredible underwater visibility, amazing birdlife, giant hermit crabs and friendly fish of all shapes and sizes that are still curious about humans!

On our first snorkel we found good coral patches and a field of Helmet Shells in the shallow water behind the cay.

In all my time on the reef - even as a kid 35 years ago - I have never seen so many Helmet Shells! There were smiles a plenty as we return to Lucey Blue with tales of underwater life. This reef system remains a time capsule of biodiversity and a place worthy of further exploration...

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