Tuesday, September 15, 2015

North East Herald Cay - Message-in-a-bottle

I don't think I mentioned the message-in-a-bottle that we found on Northeast Cay (Herald Cays) out in the Coral Sea on Father's Day!

We were very excited as it is the first real, travelling message in a bottle that we have found! We found one once before, on Middleton Reef....but that one had just been left on a wreck by some previous visitors. This bottle had travelled about 1750 nm across the sea!! Apparently it had been released by some people on the PO Pacific Pearl cruise ship last October (2014)....somewhere between Tonga and Norfolk Island. They used a Moet et Chandon bottle....which I am sure helped increase the odds of it surviving its voyage! I wish they had sent it in a full bottle though ;)!! There is a list of names and addresses in the bottle, and I am in the process of writing to them all. Have you ever found a real, well-travelled message in a bottle? It's a bit fun!!


Shan said...

It was my father in law who sent that bottle on its long journey!! I can't believe it made it too you, I think it found the right people. Thank you for your letter, my husband and I got married on this cruise that we were on with our family and friends. It was my fathers in laws great idea to send a message a bottle, we are super glad it found you all on your travels!!!
Shan & Kurt

Sam said...

We really enjoyed finding your message-in-a-bottle and hope our letter reminded you of the beginning of your own adventure! Thanks for getting back to us. The kids loved the extra context and want to send their own message when we head back out to sea.

Nick and Sam