Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lady Musgrave - Our last days this time around...

We spent the last few days at Lady Musgrave in perfect conditions - virtually zero wind, glassy seas, warm sun and plenty of blue sky.

Sam went kayaking most mornings around the sand cay, occasionally climbed the mast to 'check things out', continued to cook delicious delights and entertained the crew with some radical dance routines.

After school - usually by about 0945 each morning as the kids were keen to complete their work - we would explore the lagoon or island.

Emily broke her fishing drought with two beautiful (if tiny) Doubleline Fusiliers and spent time baking and working on her clothing design skills.

More often than not someone would take Dad out snorklling at least once a day to make sure he remained happy and on one occasion Emily found the remains of a huge Helmet shell.

Several yachts entered the lagoon as the condtions improved and we spent a pleasant night aboard Giselle - another Middle Harbour yacht and one also fitted with Scott Sails!

The sunsets capped off perfect days, but as time ticked by we kept an eye on the weather and planned our departure for the north.

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