Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lady Musgrave to Middle Percy Island - Sailing at speed

We arrived at Middle Percy Island at around 15:00 on the 4th of August after a quiet overnight trip from Lady Musgrave. There was very little wind for the first twelve hours, but a 10-15 knot southwest to westerly breeze kicked in as we passed Island Head Creek so we could sail!

Sam was desperate for some colour so we hoisted our flaming red spinnaker and took off down the coast at a consistent 8.5 plus knots. The wind shifted around causing us to alternated between the code zero and our spinnaker which was fun - our top speed was 9.8 knots. The sailing difference between Lucey Blue from our last trip is amazing - old sails and three bladed fixed propellers would have limited us to 7 knots in the conditions. We love our new gear!

We had expected to find West Bay empty as a strong southerly was forecast to arrive by the 5th of August and the anchorage is exposed. But the bay was packed with small racing yachts making their way up to Hamilton Island for race week.

Despite being a little tired we ducked ashore to check out the beach and A-Frame. We didn't stay long as we were all keen for a hot shower and an earlier night...

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