Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Middle Percy Island - Anyone up for surfing or coconuts?

The strong southerly winds arrived at around 01:00 on the 5th of August just as the Australian Bureau of Meteorology predicted and Middle Percy lived up to its name as a rolly anchorage.

By first light most of the other yachts had left and an hour later we had West Bay all to ourselves. Well nearly, two of the island locals - Marty and Jane from the Tree House - were out surfing.

Lucey Blue was right off the edge of the surf zone due to some unusual tide on wind effects. Sam tried to get into the spirit of things, but it was rather uncomfortable for a few hours and we could not go ashore because of the conditions.

By around 10:00 we could hit the beach without fear of swamping the dinghy and we played around collecting coconuts and tried our hand at various beach sports - like you do at all five star resorts.

Collecting the coconuts was fun, but the best part was opening them back in 'the office' with a large machete. The kids - all of them - had fun in the sun even if it was still a little windy.

The weather forecast predicted that the wind would return that night so rather than tying everything down again we decided to relocate to South Percy for a few days as it provided better protection from the prevailing winds.

South Percy proved to be a great location...

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