Friday, August 14, 2015

Middle Percy Island - Northwards

We left Middle Percy Island at 0300 on the 11th of August with a rather generic plan. We would head north prehaps to Mackay for fresh fruit and veggies or perhaps to the southern end of the Whitsunday Islands. Lucey Blue still had enough generic supplies to last at least another month and our water tanks were full so we could decide along the way.

The kids were keen to stop at Mackay for some sliced white bread, but in the end we pushed on and arrived at Thomas Island (about 15 miles southeast of Hamilton Island) an hour before sunset.

We spent a day or two pottering around Thomas and Shaw Island to avoid some strong winds and allow time to explore. We caught up on some schoolwork and even managed to avoid capsizing unlike some unlucky racers competing in the Airlie Beach Race Week.

This morning we managed to secure a one-hour berth at Hamilton Island. We were a bit surprised that there was any space at all given it is the eve of the 2015 Audi Hamilton Island Race Week, but we jumped at the chance to purchase some fresh food. Lucey Blue was restocked in just under 45 minutes - a record for us!

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