Monday, August 31, 2015

We've arrived at beautiful East Diamond Islet...

After leaving Airlie on Saturday morning, we made it out to Knuckle Reef where we spent the night. We left Knuckle at about 8:30 am on Sunday and motor-sailed through Sunday night, reaching East Diamond Islet at midday today (Monday).

The colours here are simply unbelievable. The water is clear, even when it's 20+m deep. The cay is huge, and looks to be full of birds...we could film a Hitchcock movie here, no worries. We even had three stowaways en-route last night...three birds simply landed on our decks and proceeded to go to sleep. This morning at sun-up they promptly left, without paying their bill, and each left a large guano mess behind!! Given the number of birds on this small cay...we are expecting more of them to visit this evening...we will be scrubbing the decks for days to come!

We caught three fish along the way. Three smallish Mackerel Tuna, and we threw them back (they are only two star eating). Despite circling the cay this morning, with two lines out, we caught nothing more. We are hoping that one day soon a beautiful Spanish Mackerel will be tempted by our lures! In the mean time, we will be eating sausages!

There is no one else out here, it feels like we have the entire Coral Sea to ourselves!

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